Does Something Feel ‘Off’ About Your Mentor-Mentee Relationship?

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Mentorship miscues that should sound the alarm

Failure could be being young and inexperienced/ being lazy and trusting.

A UPS study found that 70 percent of mentored startups examined stayed open for five years or more, while non-mentored companies survived at only half that rate.

Some more contributing factors:

1. A lack of credentials

 If your mentor is a regular at these events, proceed with caution.

Before you let someone into your world, do some research.

Ready to step back and reassess partnership if needed.

2. An appearance of no strings (or cash) attached

“Until I learned what a credible mentor looked like, I spent a long time chasing those “feeders.” “

Scott Kitun, CEO of Technori, a partner of the upcoming Chicago Founder Institute program.

3. Demands for huge changes

The plain truth is this: If an entrepreneur isn’t confident enough to lead him — or herself — then becoming a successful founder may always just be an unattainable pipe dream.

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