Idea Evaluation Checklist

  • Have you considered all the advantages or benefits of the idea? Is there a real need for it?
  • Have you pinpointed the exact problems or difficulties your idea is expected to solve?
  • Is your idea an original, new concept, or is it a new combination or adaptation?
  • What immediate or short-range gains or results can be anticipated? Are the projected returns adequate? Are the risk factors acceptable?
  • What long-range benefits can be anticipated?
  • Have you checked the idea for faults or limitations?
  • Are there any problems the idea might create? What are the changes involved?
  • How simple or complex will the idea’s execution or implementation be?
  • Could you work out several variations of the idea? Could you offer alternative ideas?
  • Does your idea have a natural sales appeal? Is the market ready for it? Can customers afford it? Will they buy it? Is there a timing factor?
  • What, if anything, is your competition doing in this area? Can your company be competitive?
  • Have you considered the possibility of user resistance or difficulties?
  • Does your idea fill a real need, or does the need have to be created through promotional and advertising efforts?
  • How soon could the idea be put into operation?


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