How can I get 100,000$ credit on Amazon AWS for my startup, without participating on any accelerator?

They also offer free credit to portfolio companies of most reputable venture capital firms. So if you are not in an incubator/accelerator but have received investment you can usually get it as well.
AWS just wants to know that you are a “bona fide” start-up, because they have no easy way of telling otherwise. Getting funding from, or membership of Accelerators, incubators and VC firms is a simple way to ensure that.

Mathew Lodge, formerly VP of Cloud Services, VMware

If you’ve raised money from a prominent VC firm such as Andreessen HorowitzFirst Round Capital, or Sequoia, you can get up to $100,000 in AWS credits by talking to your program director. These investors typically require you to give up 20% or 30% of your startup’s equity.
You may also want to look at some accelerators/programs that don’t require you to give up any equity. If you’re an experienced tech industry professional, you can get $100,000 in AWS credits by becoming a member of Founder Friendly Labs, which costs $5,900 to join.
If you’re a Stanford University affiliated founder (undergraduate student, graduate student, faculty member, etc.), you can apply to join StartX and get up to $100,000 in AWS credits.
You can find the full list of AWS Activate Participating Organizations here:
Participating Organizations

Mendel Chuang, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Google & MIT Alum

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