What I learnt from this post is a marketing campaign.

MacHeist is a website that resells Mac OS Xsoftware. The site conducts marketing through challenges (or “heists”) that allow customers to win software licenses and/or discounts, and sells software in bundles that increases in size as more customers purchase the bundle. The site was founded by John Casasanta, Phillip Ryu, and Scott Meinzer.

Type of siteMacintosh software
OwnerJohn Casasanta, Phillip Ryu, and Scott Meinzer
Created byJohn Casasanta, Phillip Ryu, Scott Meinzer, and Adam Betts

MacHeist I

MacHeist I was a six-week-long event that the site ran at the end of 2006. It culminated with a week-long sale of a bundle of ten Mac OS X software applications for US$49. Prior to the sale, a number of challenges (or “heists”) were posted on the MacHeist site. These challenges typically offered cryptic clues to Mac-related websites, where the answers could be found. Users who successfully completed the heists were rewarded a US$2 discount on the bundle for each heist completed, as well as free licensed copies of various Mac OS X software applications that were not included in the final bundle. This inaugural promotion sold more than 16,000 copies in one week.[1]

The final bundle sold for US$49 and was available to any Mac user, regardless of participation in the heists leading up to the sale. It contained Delicious Library, FotoMagico, ShapeShifter, DEVONthink, Disco, Rapidweaver, iClip, NewsfireTextMate, and the choice of one Pangea Software game (Bugdom 2Enigmo 2Nanosaur 2Pangea Arcade). Newsfire was added to the bundle after the sale of approximately 4,000 bundles, and TextMate was added after approximately 5,600 bundles were sold. The other applications were available from the beginning of the sale. After the two later applications were unlocked, they became available for no extra charge to the initial purchasers of the bundle.

Following MacHeist I a portion of the proceeds (US$200,000) were donated to charities.[2][3] This amount was divided between the following charities: United Way InternationalDirect ReliefAIDS Research AllianceCancer Research and Prevention FoundationNature ConservancyWorld Wildlife FundHunger Project and Save the Children.[4]


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